Would you lace my shoes?

I recently conducted my very own scrutinize amongst my friends besides earn colleagues to gain several insight into their favourite things. I asked them to write down what they generally spend their dough on after the bills have been anted and if money was no object, what they would splatter their cash on. You witness I was convinced that everyone has a particular obsession when it comes to material possessions; indeed, having observed my closest friends on shopping trips we have taken together, I have seen at first hand that some people have a compulsion to more than separate fashion item.

Accessories feature pretty high in the dictionary – belts, handbags, scarves – oo scarves; couldn’t you just keep on buying them? I’ll let you into a secret…I have a drawer capacious myself. In Our Time joking aside, several of my friends own countless pairs from pants in a variety regarding designs and colour. Others have so many coats that you can imagine the hooks in their hallways buckling under the weight. But there is by far one item which features high up, assuming not at the greatly top like everyone’s list of favourites, in both my male and female acquaintances. Shoes.

I have to confess to being amongst those with an addiction to buying new shoes. I wouldn’t quite go therefore far to call it a fetish but I know you will agree with me and countless others that there is something exact special, satisfying even about owning a new pair of shoes. The thrill of stepping out of the shoe shop, carrying that repeat tale bag which shows you’ve made a purchase, then once at home, taking the box extinguished of the bag and opening the lid to reveal their contents. Slipping your feet into new footwear is like WOW.

And I make no distinction here parenthetical the types of shoe, I infatuated them all. Sandals, boots, heels, flats, wedges, or trainers; a wader (or in my case several shoes) for every conceivable occasion. Shoes are essential in pulling a look together. You poverty the right duplex of shoes to set farther an outfit. I would go so far as to say that they are essential to complement what you are wearing. The footwear you adorn your feet with make a statement about the type of person you are. So whether you’re off to work, partying oppositely enjoying some otiose time, slip your shoes on and put your best foot forward.