Shoes, glorious shoes!

Shoes; a innocent shelter or a fashion item, that is the question. I’m certain we’re all agreed that we need shoes in order to protect our feet and secure us from one place to another; you have to admit, it would be pretty uncomforting to walk opposite boiling hot tarmac, or through freezing cold snow without much shoes on. I guess you could say a life without shoes would be unbearable.

One of the great honeypots of shoes is that they come in unanimity different shapes and sizes, and with for a range of contrary purposes. Of the multifarious sorts on the market, I’m going to rent them in to four main categories. First of all you have your general trainers or pumps, perfect for slipping on to bob to the shops or move around town. Personal preference will dictate the brand, colour and cost, and you can pretty much choose any style you deprivation so when to suit your own needs and wants.

Next I’m going to concentrate on going out shoes; for women this may consist of several pairs of heels, whereas for men, smart shoes will suffice. Created to make an impression and alter your outfit from day to night, or maybe even good to fabulous, they are often much fancier than your everyday shoe. Many men claim they don’t understand why women need so many pairs of heels, yet most women are safe in the knowledge you can never have too many shoes; one for each outfit in your clothespress hey?!

Another category of gilly are those suited to extreme weather conditions; I’m talking about loud boots and wellies, essential for the winter months. The key thing to remember in re this type of shoe is that they’re designed to withstand acidulous conditions, and their main purpose is to officiate as a matter of safety ampersand protection.

Finally, you have your sport shoes and trainers; it’s important you differentiate these shoes from all others, as if you don’t have the right shoe for the job you could do some severe damage. It’s worth doing research in to the type of shoe your sport requires, and finding out whether your feet need extra support or cushioning for added protection.

With all these shoes on the market, and each playing a completely different role, you can ascertain why we need such a large variety; I say ‘the better shoes the merrier’!