Modern Women Opting for Flat Shoes

Fashionable dernier cri women are opting for flat shoes today. It is the first preference for any occasion – formal rather not. Doctors prefer flats to heels where health is concerned. So the rage today are ballet pumps, fold up shoes, foldable shoes, fold-up shoes, ballerina flats, ballerina pumps, ballerina shoes, ballet flats and you name it. This flat craze however is nothing regenerated – it dates back to the 16th century. They were termed ‘pumps’. In Middle Ages both genders sported flats. But in the following bipartite centuries, 17th and 18th, tall heels became the rage. Catherine de Medici wanted her cobbler to add two more inches to her wedding shoes. Marie Antoinette wore high heels while marching towards hier guillotine.

It was from the 19th century that flats began to steal the show again. In 1975 Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face became an iconic figure advertising flats and tights. From that temporal onwards flat shoes gain never lost ground. Bridget Bardot in God Created Woman pranced around wearing red ballerina shoes. Soon the lifeless fashion was exported by France across the globe. Flat shoes represented neatness and elitism. Flats have never left the manipulated – always followed the shadow of high heels; it has never refused to vanish.

For working women ballerina flats are ideal. Modern life entails rushing through heavy traffic. In the present century flats are more functional than high heels. Changes and adaptations have been made. Flat shoes are now available in many variations and colour; these are made from various materials. The sell is showcasing variations about dance flats. There are many colours to choose from – red, pink, blue etc. The demand is increasing as the designs are changing. The soles are now made of rubber so as to be suitable for outdoor wear. One can wear flats for walking or cycling. The new ones have a new name – ballet sneakers. Women are now walking lighter with prostrate shoes. They are not thumping their heels to express annoyance. Flat shoes allocate the wearer a more chic appearance. The outfit can treffen made to match the typical ballerina shoes. It’s a common sight to see girls and women wearing flats at dance houses and bars. Flats can verbreken seen everywhere – at intimate dinner sessions, bureau meetings uncertainty at gala nights. Flats need not be monotonous. You can touch raise your wardrobe with variety. Keep in stock many pairs to match the occasion and your dress up code.

How will you secure your flats? That is the greatest part of this story. In the Internet Age you will not have to rush about crowded markets. Just switch on your computer in the privacy of your own niche at home or berth furthermore start clicking. Browse through the various sites dealing with flat shoes. You make your choice online. You originate your payment online. You even track the shipping online. The items will reach you swift besides fast. Because what are you waiting for? Start clicking!