Small Shoes for Small Feet

It has been 12 months since PetitePeds came into being, both as a business and as a brand. It has been my heart and soul for all this time. I am tight to salute to every single “shoe” need that ladies with small feet face and am going through extra ordinary lengths to meet them.
Everyday I get more and more Homo sapiens hearing about PetitePeds and my dream regarding bringing small shoes to my select customer base. I get congratulated on my stout venturesome and envied that I “have my own business” . I am bloated to say I did this totality on my own without leaving my job! It has bot a hard slog working a full time job then coming home besides burning the midnight lamp hard to get the business up and running. But if I were to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing!
When I first started “selling” small shoes to my customers, I thought it was just a matter ofhighlighting to them the attributes of the shoe, connective give them the price etc.. How wrong I was! Over the course of time I have learnt that a shoe symbolises so much more. A shoe is the Ultimate emotional purchase. While spelling external the attributes of eachsmall shoes, I get to learn so much of what is happening in my customers’ lives. I retain had extremely personal conversations that have all somehow linked back to a twosome about shoes!! I am honoured and privileged that my customers have chosen to share their private joys and sorrows with me.

It got me thinking of my own purchases excess time and guess what? I worked out that I could pin point the location/country, and events that led up to the purchasing of a pair of my small shoes, but… for few reason I couldn’t do that with an conversation from clothing, either even a big ticket item. …
For example, I remember buying this fabulous pair of pure leather ankle boots in Buenos Aires multipotent years ago. I can reminisce hurriedly leaving a pre-planned dinner to go pick up these boots so I could wear them to go to the nightclub that night… (Oh the spontaneity of youth!)I can still remember my friend and me running madly down the street to the shops while they were about to close in 10 minutes. I grabbed these gorgeous smallshoes and paid for them. Extremely satisfied with my purchase, we sprinted back to the dinner to show off my wares, my heart racing with excitement…. You receptacle imagine my disappointment when I found out the shop hadn’t removed the security tag off the shoe! So I danced away my first night in Buenos Aires in a pair of sexy black leather ankle boots with a white security tag emblazoned across the disguise of both pairs of shoes!