Finest Striper Shoes here for Play Vital Role in the World Market

It’s been nearly ten years since Pleaser USA introduced the term “stripper shoes” to the mass market and now they possess become a sexy shoe staple in the shoe industry. At first the world was not prepared for 7 inch, 8 inch or even 6 length platform shoes and raised quite a stink about it, even going as far as to protest shoe stores such as MAYA shoes in Hollywood California. On April 5th 2001 Maya the owner of Maya shoes unequivocal to introduce Los Angeles and California to a remodeled style of shoe, a platform wedge style. Normally Maya sold sexy fashion et sequens high end footwear such equal knee high boots, stilettos, prom shoes, stripper shoes and sneakers but being in the glitzy town of Hollywood some celebrity trendsetters would come in requesting high heel shoes up to 8 inches tall. This got her thinking of a way to make such a high heel shoe et sequens thus discovered a safe way to earn them.

Since then elaborate dancer shoes deceive become mainstream and no longer seen as riffraff or slutty as they unanimity did. Maya shoes were closed after years of making custom footwear at which opportunity she brought in the column of PLEASER enticing footwear amidst the KISS, DELIGHT, XTREME and TABOO collections being the best sellers out from the collection. Most dancers prefer 7 inch skid with ankle straps, because while dancing on stage and kicking their feet up, the astragalus strop prevents the shoes from volant off. Also some dancers like rhinestones or lights in the shoes thus of the light it grabs the attention of the patrons which will help increase tips and help with their income. Exotic dancing once a TABOO occupation but in 2012 it is now a popular past time for men and women and a very big part in some economies.

In Las Vegas Nevada there are more than 50 gentlemen clubs also for over 2000 women and men employed and calling stripping their profession. It may seem a bit of an oxymoron but the clothing and shoes a dancer wears and then takes off is a very big sign of the kind from dancer she is and how much she cares about hier appearance. Some dancers may go through 5-6 pairs of strange terpsichorean footwear in a single night to mate with the outfits that she wears. For example, neon colors are identical popular and so Pleaser makes a collection of UV reactive sandals. These shoes will give the visage of glowing underneath the UV light bulbs found in most clubs. recently added a new style called the SPOTLIGHT collection, these styles have platforms for 6-8″ completely covered with rhinestones and what is amazing is the fact that each rhinestone is put on one by one.