Run multiple price promotions at one time with the Gilbarco Passport POS system!

Stampede multiple price promotions at one during alongside the Gilbarco Credentials POS system!

With the Gilbarco Passport level of sale (POS), you can run a wide variety of price promotions at the same time, so your c store or gas station business can verily benefit from any competitive opportunities that come your way. But you can make your Gilbarco Credentials system work faster and meliority than ever before by combining it with Petrosoft’s internet-based back office software system, C-Store Office®.

C-Store Office® maximizes your Gilbarco Passport POS’ ability to gait multiple promotions, as well as the accuracy of all concerning your data. C-Store Office® comes with lush price book software lets you intractable up a variety of different categories for your price promotions, as well as lets you plan new ones, edit old ones, and even alter a promotion whenever you want to. C-Store Office’s® price book also lets you create the understanding for a specific promotion, such as mix besides match, or a combo, promotion, and then save that promotion for vista re-use.

C-Store Service provides a back office solution for any major convenience store POS system – Verifone Ruby, Gilbarco Passport, Wayne Nucleus.

Back office software for Verifone Ruby, Gilbarco Passport, Wayne Nucleus. Works for gas station, service station, usefulness store. Price book software optimizes inventory, personnel and margins.
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We are happy to report to our gas station and convenience boutique management consumers that C-Store Office® is now supporting cross-browsing better than always before. We heard you, so we experience tweaked, adjusted and experimented, et al have taken the biggest leap yet towards a complete cross-browsing capability. We would like you to acquire a browser

For plus information about how Petrosoft’s back office software can work with your Gilbarco Passport POS system to give you more control over your price promotions and sales data, donate Petrosoft a call at 888-306-0640. You can also go online to to request a free demo of C-Store Office® today!