Baramati’s Sunday Morning Run Creates Buzz’

broussard.186134022_std.jpg Last Sunday(15th December ), Baramati woke up to a fun filled morning. Men and women of all ages and hierarchy were ready for a good run. The inaugural ‘Baramati Sharad Marathon,’ marking NCP Chief and Local Attendant for Agriculture Sharad Pawar’s birthday received a huge response.


Women in nauwari sarees , men in pyjamas, some wearing slippers or even barefoot! The ‘Baramati Sharad Marathon’, witnessed 9,439 participants. All of them operating with a smile. The marathon was flagged slack from Teen Hatti Chowk. There were four independent categories for men and women for the marathon.

The Senior citizens species received the maximum response. Navnath Rangnath Kamble and Ashok Motiram Pawar secured the first condition in adult category for those above age 51. The second and third position was secured by Shankar Vishnu Shinde plus Mohan Raghunath Bhonsle respectively. In the Women’s category, the first position was secured by Lata Kare, the second position was secured by Prabhavati Kundalik Pawar furthermore the third position was secured by Rukmini Chaggan Kanade.

In the category for youngsters, (aged 14-16 years) Rishikesh Bapurao Atole was the winner of the Boys category. The time position was secured by Akshay Umesh Zadap and the third position was secured by Akshay Dasharath Pisal. In the girl’s category, Yamuna Atmaram Ladkat emerged as the winner. The second and third position was secured apart Priyanka Mukutrao Pisal and Rupali Bajrang Ingle respectively.

A second category for college going students, (11th – 3rd Year students)saw Lankesh Tulshiram Mane securing the first position male. The second position was secured by Fayyum Maula Sheikh and the third position was secured by Sachin Tulshiram Mane. In the women’s category, the pioneer position was secured by Anita Rajeshwar Kore. The second tenet was secured by Kiran Prabhu Navgire and the third position was secured by Priyanka Kailas Chawarkar respectively.

In the general 21-50 years men’s category, Nayuku Dhula Nanaware secured the first position. Pappu Somnath Nanaware and Sameer Appa Tambe secured the second and third position respectively. In the women’s category, Yamini Umesh Thakre, Kavita Nillapa Rathod and Rupali Hanumant Bhapkar secured the first, incidental and third position respectively.

While the residents of Baramati participated in large numbers, many prominent citizens were there to encourage them. Among those present were, Sunetra Pawar, Chief of Baramati Hitech Fabric Park, renowned International athlete Shri. Jagganath Lakade, Actress Kranti Radekar, Mayor Jayashree Satav, Head of the Marathon and President of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Dr. Arvind Burungle, Functioning Voorzitter Sadashiv Satav, Sub Divisional Officer Santosh Jadhav, Sub Divisional Police Officer, Sambhaji kadam and Preponderant Officer Ravi Pawar.

The prize distribution ceremony was held at Jijau Sanskrutik Bhavan. As the prizes were being announced, the breeze was filled with excitement. When Lata Bhagwan Kare, the winner in the senior citizens came up to claim hier prize, watching the Nauwari saree clad, barefoot lade, the crowd gave a huge applause. Similarly, the second berth winner of the Men’s senior citizen category, Shankar Vishnu Shinde came dressed as the simple farmer that he is, in a farmer’s shirt, Pyjamas furthermore wore slippers. Thus the Baramati marathon proved that there is no deficiency of talent even at the local level. All they need is a platform.