Seven Blog Article Templates for When You Run Out of Writing Ideas

It’s quite common for blog writers to run out of ideas equally omneity in a while. When that happens, instead of staring at your machine screen for hours, why not try writing an article using one of these seven proven article templates?

These are templates used by bloggers from many different markets. When written well, readers loved them.

=> Template #1 – An In-Depth Analysis like X Technique either Theory

Take a popular nation or technique and dissect it. Take apart its strengths und so weiter weakness, point out things others hadn’t noticed before and give extra instructions for society who want to use the technique.

Example: The strengths and weaknesses of article marketing as a traffic-generation method, plus little-known tips on how to get the most out of article marketing.

=> Template #2 – Make a Prediction about the Future

Make a strong case for what you believe is going to happen in the future, with an emphasis on how it’ll affect the reader.

Example: Current auriferous prices are a bubble created by the depressed American dollar. As the US economy stabilizes, gold prices are sure to drop and very quickly break. Here’s why and how to profit from it.

=> Template #3 – How to Do X

A how-to article on something your audience truthfully wants to know how to do.

Example: How to increase your grade score in Google AdWords.

=> Template #4 – Common Questions and Answers

Give the most heathenize questions and answers you get asked. This article tin be repeated again and again with different questions besides themes regarding questions.

Example: Q: How plenty do I need to start investing? (Answer) Q: Am I more likely to succeed trading actively, passively or through having someone else invest for me? (Answer) Q: What are some of the hidden fees one might expect occasion investing? (Answer) And so on.

=> Template #5 – Why X Popular Sentiment Is Wrong

Take a popular sentiment in your industry and take the opposite stance. Of course, you have to actually believe the opposite stance.

Example: Most people believe it’s very hard to raise undertaking paramount for a great business idea. In fact, the opposite is true: Most venture capitalists have a hard time finding sound businesses to invest in. Getting VC stake isn’t entanglement because it’s hard, but therefore most people don’t know how to raise VC money intelligently. Here’s how.

=> Template #6 – X Signs of Y

Share any number of signs that Y is true.

Example: Six Signs That Your Newsletter Needs an Overhaul
Example: Five Signs That Your Broker Is Stealing from You
Example: Ten Signs That You’re Spending Too Plenty Money on Flights

=> Template #7 – Share a Personal Story with a Lesson

Tell your readers a personal narration that ends in an edifying lesson.

Example: How I traveled to 12 different countries in one year and what I learned about saving money on airline tickets.

These are seven blog article templates you can use anytime you hit against writer’s block. Extraordinary of these templates may even be reused time and again, well hope as you change the title et sequens the theme. Happy blogging!

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How to Run Your Fine Art Gallery Successfully

Success.jpg Running an art gallery in increasing global recession is genuine challenging, and requires a set of unique strategies for proper growth. Though, these instructions are not appropriate to the average small consumer-based business, but one should apply these if highly knowing to his business. Since art spending is unrestricted income, an productive downtown can hit dealers, galleries as well as the artists hard.

Here are some suggestions, with the help of which you and your Fine art gallery vessel climb out concerning the recession. These are actually the top recession-proof instructions for perfect art galleries:

1. Cut Unnecessary Expenses: When you determine that your gallery is running from tough times, you should spend less. Try to lessen spend by cutting out unnecessary expenses and lower your overhead. Reorganise the structure of your printing, advertising, shipping, and journal costs. For example, cut the framing expenses by having artists frame their own work.

2. Deal in Old Masters: On Condition That you deal on modern and concurrent arts you need to be more active and updated as these based on upcoming trends which can be unstable at times, well it is better to deal in old Master paintings. One of the world noted art dealers recommends dealing in old Master paintings. He says, “Old Masters, while not enjoying the periods of dramatic growth evident in many other fields, also do not suffer the downturns in the same way. During recent periods of recession the perceived reliability of the Old Master field has led many collectors in other areas to redirect their interest in this direction.”

3. Broad Your Horizons: Running a fine vocation gallery with the traditional methods is not relevant in nowadays productive climate. In this regard a gallery founder says, “Now, following the change in the global economies, the arts industry is forced to innovate and provide creative solutions for creating sustainability in the market, in production, in museum programming, in collections etc.”

Further she advises that a gallery cannot afsluiting “merely sustained by investment and short-term financial gains, but needs to indiging sustained by patronage and long-term investment in the fostering of a cultural community.” Explaining about her own art organisation, she says, “We provide graphic plot and art advisory services. We work with artists, collectors plus institutions to assist acquisitions, exhibitions, art programs, and publications. Our services include bespoke art experiences, collection management, exhibition organization, art publications and public art initiatives.

4. Become an Online Dealer: As suggested before, you will need to be very active furthermore familiar with modern means of business. You can broaden your contacts as well as increase the number of customer with internet. To use this option, it is essential having an online existence, which you can get through your professional website. This website will provide you by the platform where you can create your online art gallery.

With this online option, you vessel refocus on your mission statement and business plan. Plenary you just need to hire a professional website designer, who can provide you with the best available design.

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Athlete’s Shoes Store

1181770-logos3.jpg Customized Running Shoes for Athletes
It is great weightiness to always think at least twice when making choices for sports footwear. High end athletic activities really require fully customized and tailored athletic shoes without pain. For better health purposes it is further highly recommended for individuals who are involved in athletic activities to conduct complete one hour running to enhance the blood circulation system which tremendously helps them to conduct a booming corporeal building workout.
There are a number concerning different athletic activities and games as well which highly require great attention in regard of the foot wear such as
* Gymnastics
* Hockey
* Football
* Swimming
* Cycling
* Running
People involved in such stripe of game and physical activities have a absolute common concern of having intense pain in their ankles, forefeet, toes Calves muscles and heels. The most common reason at the back concerning this common problem is nought choosing the right category of footwear during making purchase that include highly customized and tailored healthcare footwear for Athletes.
A research conducted on paining feet concludes that athletes who land on their forefeet while running have more probability of exerting force on their Achilles while comparing to the people who land on their heels. This concludes that really there is a great supplant exerted on Calve muscles and Achilles while landing the pedal which actually causes a serious problem resulting intensified pain. It is overduidelijk from a numerical of conducted researches that Achilles tendon and specially the Calve muscles imbrue up great weigh when landing on the forefeet and it is highly urge for such type of individuals to change the running shoes to attain a significant level of relief from pain. Athletes with wide and narrow feet have larger prospect of Achilles and Calve muscle pain.

It has significantly observed that about 66% of individuals experience feet further ankle problems causing zealous pain which distracts their daily routine to a greater extent. A scheduled running activity provides people with numerous benefits principally
* In improving blood circulation system.
* Reduces the probability of cardiovascular disorders and
* Assists to live a long furthermore healthy life.
Foot solutions offer you a wide range of foot care products that mostly includes a number of product lines of tootsy wear that are completely customized and tailored according to the needs and requirements of individuals who are affected with serious pain problems in their feet. At Foot Solutions offers complete goods range about “New Balance” which is the world’s largest and most renowned manufacturer in sports footwear introducing the best going shoes for athletes. New Balance’s customized shoes are the best shoes for Athletes. The brand new wide range of athletic shoes offered by New Balance at Foot Solutions is the best option in regard of making the most accurate resoluteness while purchasing sports shoes. For further queries and cognizance in regard of similar foot care products, shoes and assistance for athletes Foot Solutions have all the possible and up to date products for the athletes who suffer great pain in their feet. To gain more knowledge about new products please visit our website.

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How to Select a Right Pair of Shoes for Ladies

running-shoes.jpg Selecting the right pair of shoes always manner well mire to ladies. Men can’t possibly understand how the right pair of shoes is vital to ladies because they have never stood for two hours in malodorous heel shoes which cause the feet to bleed. If you are in pain, you are miserable, therefore comfort must always be your chief consideration when choosing women shoes, and then the demand for style comes second. Follow the steps below and you will go home by the right pair concerning shoes.

Know Your Budget:
The yield of money you want to spend on your new shoes should be predetermined even before you leave your home. If you are going to buy shoes for daily use, you have to move as much money as you can afford.

The use of your shoes resolution guide you to the style you want. If you intention spend a lot of time walking or standing, you have to pay much attention to the heel of the shoes. A solid heel ere a lower heel will offer you the much needed support. This is perhaps the biggest mistake one can make by failing to consider the activity she will voltooien doing and the amount of time she will be wearing hier nice shoes.

You must look at extraordinary of the shoes you already get to make sure that you go around the becoming fit for your foot. Try to check the parts where your current shoes have worn distant the most. This guts assist you to know the things to impede in your new shoes. The best time to go and look for the unexampled shoes is mid-afternoon. You should know that this is time your podalic swell the most during the day. This will help you not to purchase something which shall be small for you.

Shoe Shop:
Now you know your budget, style and feet. This information will speediness up the shopping time and ensure that you do nought impulse buy. Try on several shoes. Do not rush. That brace of shoes that cast perfect on your first glance, might negative be perfect after you have tried other shoes. Find a powerfully floor to walk on while testing new shoes. Carpet cannot give you the best feel. Try bending the front of your novel shoes upwards and clinch that only the front third bend. Twist and disfigure the shoe. It must maintain its original shape. A half-inch space necessity be left between the end of the shoe and the better of the big toe. The seller should not fool you and frame you think that the new shoe will stretch a bit to fit you. Always ensure that you allow got the perfect fit in the store before you leave to escape difficulties later.

Do nay purchase ladies shoes online. Shoe sizes dissimilar with different style and brands. You have to strenuous a pair of shoes, trudge around near them herald you purchase them. This will help you go home with a pair of shoes that is durable and the one that surrender you several weeks of comfortable wear.

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How to Run Effective Video Webcasts

hqdefault.jpg Webcasts are technically invigorating Internet broadcasts; however, due to their video nature, many video webcasts are posted for posterity either internally or for the general public. Whether your video webcast is a one-time event or will be made available for years to come, you’ll aspire it to be both effectual and professional. Use these tips to ensure that your webcasts are both.

Production Values

Approach your video webcasts when you would every other video production. Legal spil lighting, appropriate attire, an attractive stage, and sound quality are important when shooting a corporate video, the same is true of a video webcast. Granting your office has sufficient space, consider building a small studio for estate webcasts. On Condition That not, you can temporarily transpose a conference room or other space into a studio. Consider investing in professional lights und so weiter microphones.


Just qua you’d script a corporate video, the same is true concerning your video webcast. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every word needs to be scripted. It does wickedness that you should have a well thought gone agenda. Consider both the audio and video content. For example, if you will be discussing regional sales figures, make sure to include graphics that illustrate them visually. This is much more productive than reading the numbers out loud.


Unlike traditional videos, video webcasts typically include participants. This interactivity adds a measure of unpredictability to your webcast. Determine in advance who will participate in the webcast and at what level. For example, will your assembly be relatively passive until you open up the webcast for questions or will your webcast be added of a “round table” meeting where participants interact throughout? Will you have detailed speakers who talk at specific times and for predetermined lengths about time?

Another consideration involves which interactive features to enable. For example, do you want participants to be able to use text-based chats during the webcast? Would an online poll complement your video webcast?

Time Considerations

Effective video webcasts are neither exceedingly short or too long. By creating an agenda or loosely scripting your webcast, you will obtain a much better sense of how much time to allot for your webcast. Once you have scheduled it and invited participants, be as mindful as possible about timing. If you’ve told everybody the webcast will take up solid 20 minutes of their time, don’t allow it to run over. Respect your participants’ time and they’ll be more likely to participate in future webcasts.

Technical Considerations

Have a plan for technical difficulties. Many video webcasters accept an assistant standing by specifically to help should something go awry. For example, if a participant can’t hear the audio, instead of halting the webcast while you figure it out, your assistant can help troubleshoot the issue.

Finally, rehearse your webcast before the concrete event. Rehearsals with all equipment and a few assistants can help you to overcome any obstacles and fine-tune your presentation in advance. Knowing that unanimity of the kinks have been worked out will help you to deliver your webcast with confidence.

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Know More About Costume Jewelry Necklaces And Special Occasion Shoes

41Qnaxj0SRL._SY300_.jpg It is practicable to wear latest craze costume jewelry necklaces to all from informal gatherings to more formal parties. You will find that this kind of jewelry is befitting in every setting, even those where real jewelry would be unsuitable. There are special occasion shoes for every style and event from strappy high heel women’s sandals for banquet wear or a night revealed on the town to simple yet stylish apartments for a stroll on the beach.
We portray our character with just one gaze, by way of our clothes, shoes, and hairstyles. A handbag can articulate character just as effortlessly. Shape, hue, and size alone can give important detail about your character, while other minutia can enunciate even more. A lot of persons consider real jewelry to be a valuable lifetime investment. Although, these same people can also see that there are a variety of large benefits to purchasing costume jewelry rather than. Thus, it is no wonder that dress jewelry is extending to augment in fame today. You will find that there are 3 major reasons for this:
Fashion jewelry is very inexpensive. This is really numeral of its best benefits: You can fairly buy several another parts of costume jewelry for the identical appraisal that you would recompense for a lone part of real jewelry. Of course, this means that you will be adept to get more for your cash by purchasing costume jewelry except ever having to make every savings for it. Including correct management and care you will even unearth that your jewelry will last you for some years. This is particularly true of jewelry that does refusal either a gold or silver overlay since plated items tend to decline and tarnish a lot more easily. It would be better to do a part of research before buying costume jewelry necklaces.

You will find a lot of different colors and methods available with latest trend jewelry. This is because synthetic pebbles can be made in any primary you yearn. Then, whenever it comes to components, you can choose to use nylon fiber, creativity acrylic, wood, seashells and pebbles already any of these things can then be encased with gold, silver alternative platinum.
It is possible to wear latest trend costume jewelry necklaces to everything from frank gatherings to more full-dress parties. You will find that this kind of jewelry is correct in every setting, even those where real jewelry would be unsuitable.
Real diamonds also has some very important benefits as well. This is why it is a good idea to admit both real and fashion beads as long as your quota allows you to do so. However, when it comes to cost, variety and versatility you will find that disguise jewelry bestow furthermore be your best choice.
There are uncommon occasion shoes for every style and event from strappy supereminent heel women’s sandals for party wear or a night out on the town to simple yet stylish apartments for a stroll on the beach. The popular one appears to be the new methods of gladiator flats that are highly comfy yet stylish to compliment your outfit.
Women’s sandals for a special occasion, does not vital mean stoned heels furthermore stilettos. There are a unbroken variety regarding distinct methods to fit your need, since they are the first choice for fancy activities, they would not be a fit for state a sandy shore wedding or a business picnic. For these events you should choose a snug flat or wedge footwear that will still show off your current tendency tastes. So put in a bit of theory before you buy special occasion shoes.

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Wear comfortable ballet shoes to make right moves

salsa-shoes-380x380.jpg Perhaps, it is described as not only having a unique dance variety but possesses a uncertain art form. Let the performers exhibit the polite of plot you want to hear – everything with the kind of movement, the clothing or costumes they wear.

Things seem intricate during practice session. Everything has to be worked out initially – whether it is related to ballet clothes they wear to the complicated tops, skirts or leggings. Over the years, this form of dance clothes has come a long way connective there are numerous varieties which address the concerns of monopolization and suit everyone’s needs.

Particularly for rehearsals and practices, one needs proper costume stuff unless it is a dress rehearsal. Among the common ballet clothes for dancers especially girls embrace a leotard, tights and slippers. Similarly, for boys, shorts are preferable. On the contrary, leotards include a one piece body suit which resembles a bathing suit with or without sleeves.

For those beginners who enrolled in a ballet class recently, should wear ballet shoes particularly the point shoes. A many from movement is expected assuming you are comfortable to wear them during practice sessions.

One should buy specialized ballet shoes compared to the regular footwear. Besides, the composition of the sole is vital. Street or cursorial shoes don’t suggest any kind concerning support when individuals are dancing with their partners. On the contrary, the kind of footwear ones needs to rub should be very thick and lissom therefore that one is able to dance properly.

Besides, there should be enough support from both the effrontery and postern and the support must be beneath the toes as well. If there is no support in the Achilles region, there won’t be any flexibility left and no free movement on the dance floor. Address these issues correctly back you opt for a different formulate like ballet shoes.

Find a variety of dance footwear available in the market. These include ballet, hip-hop, jazz or salsa. Though you won’t find vital dance footwear in a normal shoe shop, you might pry out them in a reputed sports store oppositely a foot support studio. No wonder, you hawthorn find them in various online retailer shops besides differentiate the kind of footwear which differs from each and entire individual.

Similarly, dancewear accessories dovetail of dance footwear, dance bags, dance legwarmers, dance jewelry and other accessories. The added accessories include calendars, folk books, note cards, bun covers, hairpins, t-shirts, posters as well as beneficent certificates.

Majority of shops offer dancewear accessories for tap, ballet, flamenco, jazz and belly dancing. Find online sites where you get dancewear accessories for women, men and little kids. In addition, you can get discounts on most of these accessories.

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How you can Market Your Business as well as Increase Your Profits when you’re Always on the run

Steve-Miller.jpg iPad is not only another gadget that is intended for entertainment only. It is an empowering tablet that allows you to increase your productivity and eutaxy your individual naturalistic better. Listed here are some essential apps that can help you get more out of the iPad and organize your lifetime better.

Manage your costs

It is not humility to stock a log of your expenses especially supposing you have to manage things inside a given budget. For managing your expenses et sequens keeping a tabs on the exact amount et alii also the date on which it had been spent, simply load the actual iXpenselt app. This app will also permit you to keep a track of the transaction type.

This app makes it simple to cipher out your own expenses and plan a budget that best suits you. You can choose in order to download the free version or perhaps a paid full version from $4. 99. The full version can help you in keeping a tabs on your daily expenses. You are able to manage your work associated expenses by its especial feature which allows in taking screen shots of the receipts. You will have a great view of your expenses at the conclusion of the month. Furthermore, you can just generate reports from the expenditure that comes handy so you can roll out reimbursements ut supra well.

Chicken exclude your notes

Supposing you’re the one who constantly must keep everything on writing then your Notes Plus app is simply for you. Prices from $4. 99 it will help you scribble immediately using your own stylus or take sound notes. You can even switch between your writing and recording mode according to your convenience with 1 touch. Notes Plus also permits you changing the font of your writing if you want to e-mail this or organize it in to proper documents. Other things range from the eraser tool to take away the text and text modifying options like italics, ordering text order, etc.

Impair storage of data

Cloud storage is the easiest method to store large content. Using the introduction of Dropbox as well as SugarSync, you can readily avail the service with regard to uploading files ampersand photos. You can access your articles at anytime and from any device as well as your iPhone, Mac either COMPUTER. Choosing Dropbox offers you the benefit of better security of your computer data. SugarSync allows you to talk throughout you content across numerous media.

Creating shopping checklist

It is usual practice to jot down the articles you’ll want to buy otherwise you continually forget to transport they list itself. An electronic version like, Shopping List with regard to $2. 99 are precisely what you require. Including this particular app, you can categorically create a note including canned, dairy products and grocery items. This way you’ll be easily able to choose items below one category without missing any of it. Furthermore, if you are buying specific brand then read the barcode from the story with the barcode scanner of the app to schedule this. The next time whenever you bother the supermarket you simply need to access the scanner as well pro re nata restock it. You may even share the list aside way of e-mail.

All-in-one tool

If you prefer a cat’s-paw that will secondary you to manage quite next Bento possible be the digit for you. Obtain it for $4. 99 as well as start your stuff along with customizable templates. You are provided a number of templates like, event preparing, recipes, contacts and really vehicle maintenance. You cup choose anyone or all as per your requirements and achieve changes then according to your needs. You jug perform the same on your Mac too as well as sync data with your own iPad.

Using any of the above mentioned given apps can support you organize your journal tasks easily.

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Buy men shoes online with a few clicks

mr-shoes.co_.uk_small.jpg The best door to buy male shoes is from the web. There are a number of people who emporium from the Internet than purchasing it from the local stores. The reason behind this is that these people have recognized the advantages of shopping over the web. By this kind of shopping the shopper can get the type, size and way of men shoes he/she is in search of by just a exigency clicks. This is one of the most considerable benefits of buying men’s shoes online. No matter you are in search of mules, loafers, joggers, sandals, boots, slippers either any more type of shoe, you can certainly bring to light the type you are looking for on the web.

You can do all of this shopping at your leisure without missing away on any of your favorite shows. Everyone of things can be done just with shopping on the web. The type, style and size of men’s shoes Australia you need is ready at a few clicks. Number of the most important reasons reason a number of plebeians rather buying the shoes online is because this method is very convenient.

You can easily shop sitting at your villa or office. There are a number from online stores and thus comparing items is also easy when you shop online. You can choose the shoe that is least priced and the best one as per your requirements as well as budget. This is also one of the benefits of buying mens shoes online. Men usually favor buying their stuff completed the net because of their busy docket and they even get to avoid the traffic.

You will come across many men who would feel that buying shoes online will be a mess. But later many of them property stuff from the online stores. This is because they are genuine et cetera also conveniently delivered to your door step. Most men do not like to go from one shop to another when they leave shopping. Thus buying it online is the best option as they can rest on the arm chair, buy the stuff and get it delivered to the door step. All this in just a few clicks!

One other benefit is that you would always get the mens joggers Australia at a cheaper price that you would actually spend on it while buying it offline. Apart from variegation and discounts, another advantage of buying the mens shoes Australia is that it is harmless as well as reliable. You will get the right shoes sizes und so weiter if there is any problem that you can also be assured of the return policy. You will also come across some who will send you an extra pair of the connatural sizes well that you can choose from them. Therefore you can always think of buying mens shoes online.

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Baramati’s Sunday Morning Run Creates Buzz’

broussard.186134022_std.jpg Last Sunday(15th December ), Baramati woke up to a fun filled morning. Men and women of all ages and hierarchy were ready for a good run. The inaugural ‘Baramati Sharad Marathon,’ marking NCP Chief and Local Attendant for Agriculture Sharad Pawar’s birthday received a huge response.


Women in nauwari sarees , men in pyjamas, some wearing slippers or even barefoot! The ‘Baramati Sharad Marathon’, witnessed 9,439 participants. All of them operating with a smile. The marathon was flagged slack from Teen Hatti Chowk. There were four independent categories for men and women for the marathon.

The Senior citizens species received the maximum response. Navnath Rangnath Kamble and Ashok Motiram Pawar secured the first condition in adult category for those above age 51. The second and third position was secured by Shankar Vishnu Shinde plus Mohan Raghunath Bhonsle respectively. In the Women’s category, the first position was secured by Lata Kare, the second position was secured by Prabhavati Kundalik Pawar furthermore the third position was secured by Rukmini Chaggan Kanade.

In the category for youngsters, (aged 14-16 years) Rishikesh Bapurao Atole was the winner of the Boys category. The time position was secured by Akshay Umesh Zadap and the third position was secured by Akshay Dasharath Pisal. In the girl’s category, Yamuna Atmaram Ladkat emerged as the winner. The second and third position was secured apart Priyanka Mukutrao Pisal and Rupali Bajrang Ingle respectively.

A second category for college going students, (11th – 3rd Year students)saw Lankesh Tulshiram Mane securing the first position male. The second position was secured by Fayyum Maula Sheikh and the third position was secured by Sachin Tulshiram Mane. In the women’s category, the pioneer position was secured by Anita Rajeshwar Kore. The second tenet was secured by Kiran Prabhu Navgire and the third position was secured by Priyanka Kailas Chawarkar respectively.

In the general 21-50 years men’s category, Nayuku Dhula Nanaware secured the first position. Pappu Somnath Nanaware and Sameer Appa Tambe secured the second and third position respectively. In the women’s category, Yamini Umesh Thakre, Kavita Nillapa Rathod and Rupali Hanumant Bhapkar secured the first, incidental and third position respectively.

While the residents of Baramati participated in large numbers, many prominent citizens were there to encourage them. Among those present were, Sunetra Pawar, Chief of Baramati Hitech Fabric Park, renowned International athlete Shri. Jagganath Lakade, Actress Kranti Radekar, Mayor Jayashree Satav, Head of the Marathon and President of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Dr. Arvind Burungle, Functioning Voorzitter Sadashiv Satav, Sub Divisional Officer Santosh Jadhav, Sub Divisional Police Officer, Sambhaji kadam and Preponderant Officer Ravi Pawar.

The prize distribution ceremony was held at Jijau Sanskrutik Bhavan. As the prizes were being announced, the breeze was filled with excitement. When Lata Bhagwan Kare, the winner in the senior citizens came up to claim hier prize, watching the Nauwari saree clad, barefoot lade, the crowd gave a huge applause. Similarly, the second berth winner of the Men’s senior citizen category, Shankar Vishnu Shinde came dressed as the simple farmer that he is, in a farmer’s shirt, Pyjamas furthermore wore slippers. Thus the Baramati marathon proved that there is no deficiency of talent even at the local level. All they need is a platform.

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