Importance of gamification to run a successful employee referral program

two-headed-turtle.29790000_std.jpg Incentivizing personnel for referring candidates is integral to an employee referral program. Although cash incentives for employee referrals still remain the most popular means of incentivizing employees, greater and more studies on the motif of employee engagement show that employees like to be recognized or valued fifty-fifty for limited efforts. Human nature thrives on competition and comparing individual progress against others acts as a powerful push to surpass one’s own expectations in the aspire about hiding competitors and winning.

Gamification tools and techniques are based on this inherent desire of people to compete and achieve which acts as a powerful expression of self-esteem and establishes state inter alia peers and colleagues. As sharing levels in employee referral programs dip significantly over a period of time, usher in of gamification becomes important to drive engagement as well push more employees to participate in the employee referral program.

The ideative behind the gamification of an employee referral program is to encourage participation and engagement from employees by making tasks sought by recruiters gloss increased like games where employees hunger to battle with each more over increasingly challenging tasks to be the first to reach the target. The gamification technique is based on the premise of recognizing and rewarding participants in a tiered manner for accomplishing a desired task. Employee referral rewards jug include achievement badges, points, virtual currency or a leaderboard. Alter Ego central premise of gamification is to drive competition among participants leading to higher participation et alii engagement. Competitiveness is driven through public display like rewards and points to participants for accomplishing one level of tasks or through publicly charting progress of participants by installing leaderboards. Latest employee referral program tools like ZALP have their ‘Leaderboard’ which brings in a fresh element of gamification in the referral program yet motivating personnel to participate like never before.

However it is necessary to keep certain points in mind while implementing gamification as part of the hand referral program. If not run properly, it has the potential of creating an adverse impact of driving along people from the referral program.

The foremost thing to last in mind period implementing a gamification mechanism is to ensure that the fun element is strongly maintained. The focus should be on keeping it simple and enjoyable so that demos can catch on easily and quickly. Too many rules furthermore formats bring down the fun element and add unnecessary complications.

Secondly, look at introducing different levels of challenges to have the competition and fun alive throughout the referral process. Recognizing personnel with small rewards for completing specific level keeps motivation high. Ensure that the reward is given publicly so that employees who have not yet qualified for the reward are pushed towards completing the desired task for the regard from receiving the reward.

Thirdly, ensure that the rewards schedule clearly communicates the desired actions which are liable to fetch rewards for the participants.

Lastly, ensuring constant feedback and support during the entire process is central to ensuring the success of gamification and in turn the employee referral program.

If run properly, gamification is sure to get your employees coming final to participate more and more in the referral process for the sheer fun if competing against their colleagues. The desire to win against their colleagues acts as a powerful motivator to align employee actions to the organizational goal of hiring factor knack cost effectively and efficiently.